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Choose single Services or find the best combined Solution for your Consumer Electronics Products 


Do you need to initiate or expand your sales globally? Do you
want to develop your sales abroad but don't have the people or
the know how?

EMEA AP is not just about consulting you in the most
efficient way. Our partners can operate as your local or
super-regional sales teams.

Our combined experience and expertise will make sure that
your list of customers grows and that each account is regularly
followed up and managed.

From negotiating sales deals to following up on customers’
fulfilment activities, we can offer you diverse services which
can fit important gaps and/ or compliment your business


Do you have fast, decisive product development teams? Are
you strong in operations but are lacking implementable plans to
expand internationally?

After collecting data, our experts will work with you in finding
the ideal strategies for any market, channel.

Your global growth needs a powerful set of tools that
can constantly be adapted to new challenges and opportunities.

EMEA AP experts combine vast knowledge and decades worth
of experience to help you navigate the most promising route to


Do you have a great product(s) that works well in your country
or in a specific territory?

You can rely on the expertise of our partners with the scope of
making your products fit cultural differences and varying
regulatory environments.

Each market has its unique characteristics as it relates to
certification, voltages, other nuances. Our group will help you
understand these requirements and make the best
recommendations to expedite through product approval

EMEAP AP has representation and penetration globally!

The group has grown a network of partners that provides you
outreach into numerous countries and territories.

Our partners are connected and communicate among each other
frequently. The groups’ synergy allows for speed, efficiency and

Our professionals are carefully selected. Each is driven,
passionate and most importantly have sense of urgency for
successful performances.

Our network of partners is able to provide you with important
insights into a number of markets internationally.

If you have chosen a specific country or territory, we will be
able to assist you in defining its potential for your product and/
or service, as we understand our markets’ special
characteristics, behaviors and trends.

EMEA AP professionals can also provide you with an in depth
analysis defining the most promising markets to which you
should expand your sales.

Managing your enterprise goes well beyond creating and
developing a great product. It is full of pitfalls that can ruin
your success when you least expect it.

As professionals with a high degree of seniority, we offer
your company a vast wealth of expertise. Through our
consulting services, we quickly recognize your needs and
work on implementable strategies that will lead to
promising results.

Let us take care of your success on a full scale and
accompany you on each step you take. Let our experience
help you wherever it is needed.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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